Natural Materials

Natural Materials

The materials we use are natural lime base with marble powder and colour pigments.

We can create anything, the most popular areas are fireplace surrounds, bathrooms, splashbacks, feature walls that's inside or outside of your home to a full house interior or exterior in amazing different decorative finishes to suit your individual style and décor.

Our decorative finishes using Istinto from Giorgio & Graesan and friends from Italy, are Pietra Zen, Pietra Spaccata, Pietra Intaglaiata, Pietra Contemporanea, Murro Naturale and many more.

Our decorative finishes using Rockcote, Australian made, are Venetian plaster, Marrakesh, Otsumigaki, Velvetino, Earthern Render Medium, Earthern Render Coarse, Clay Plaster Décor and Lime Plaster Basecote.

Types of Finishes






Polished concrete


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What we can do!

We can do anything from fixing a small patch of render to rendering a full house.

- Garden walls/columns

- Removing and replacing rusted angles

- Fixing cracks in existing render

- Rendering small walls to a full house interior/exterior

- Demolition work prior to rendering bathrooms and kitchens

The rendering products we use for our projects are sand/cement, acrylic, white setting and texture.